I like….

I like beer with balance. I think there are to many beers that lack balance and are way over the top. I’m actually getting a little bit tired of yet another over hopped IPA or an imperial what ever. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a hoppy IPA, a rich Russian Imperial Stout or a complex Belgian Abbey Ale. But they need balance and there are too many that doesn’t have that. It seems like just adding more of anything is the trend right now. I’m looking forward to a trend that is more stylistic with balance but a touch of innovation.

My favorite beer styles are Gueuze, Cherry Lambic (Kriek), cask condition ales (I know, it’s not a style), Berliner Weiss, Pale Ale and Mild Ale. What I choose to drink depends on the time of year, the time of day and where I’m at. A good atmosphere at the place I’m enjoying my beer makes the beer taste even better. I have had some peak beer moments at a bar with a one or two reasonably good beers but with a great atmosphere and great people. I like to try new beers and beers from new breweries and interesting beer and food pairings. Beer is for me an excursion into flavor that just keeps going on.


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