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At the end of each year media gets bombarded by lists. Most of them are this years best this or this years worst that. Today I attended LA Beer Bloggers 9th Summit at 38Degrees in Alhambra. Danny with The Full Pint said that lists always get a lot of hits on his blog. I have worked on my “5 Best Beers” list now for at least 15 years. I never seem to be able to narrow it down to more than 15. The other day I gave up my attempt and buried my 15 beer long, constantly changing 5 Best Beer list. The reason? I read a blog post on Blog About Beer that kind of summarized what I had looked for.

Does this mean that I’m from now on is boycotting all lists? On the contrary. I’m a sucker for lists. It’s just that I have stopped making my own and resigned to read others and silently commenting on them. “He/she didn’t have XXX beer on the list! How is that possible. It’s just the best beer in the world………today”.