Great Beer Town’s

What constitutes a Good Beer Town? To me it’s the flowing elements.

  • Multiple beer retailers (bars and stores) with a good selection of craft beers. A beer town must of course have multiple locations where people can buy beer. There need to be enough of them so that there is a healthy competition between them to bring in interesting beers.
  • Local brewery. A local brewery is an important element in a good beer town. It’s just a sign of a mature beer community that value a local brewery and support it. It’s kind of the crown on the kings head and a final step to be recognized as a good beer town, someone is willing to invest time and money to supply the town with good craft beers.
  • Beer events. It doesn’t have to be a large beer festival. I can be a small event where the community can gather once or twice a year to celebrant beer and beer culture.
  • Beer community. Beer is community and community is people. The people are the most important in a good beer town. They have to be interested in craft beer, ask questions about what they are drinking and demand good beer from their favorite beer retailer. A mature beer community need to be able to carry their local brewery, bars, retail stores and support the local events. A good beer community could be in many different shapes and forms. It could be a home brew club, beer consumers organizations, on-line beer communities, met-up groups and much more.

I say this is a Good Beer Town

Durham, NC

Beer Over There post

Asheville, NC

Beer Over There Post


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