My passion for beer started many years ago when the selection of good beer in my home town in Sweden was very meager. I lived in Stockholm for a few years and the beer selection and the beer community was significantly better there. I later moved to Malmö in the southern part of Sweden and had the pleasure of experiencing the Danish beer revolution first hand. When I moved to Durham, NC I started to work for All About Magazine as the events manager for the World Beer Festival. A totally new beer world opened up for me. Initially this blog was created to reflect the beer scene in my new home town. I have since left Durham for Santa Monica, CA.

My passion for beer has led me to share my experience and introducing others in to the great world of beer. I have facilitated beer tastings and been writing for different beer association beer magazines. Since the summer of 2011 I’m the US news editor and contributing writer for the Swedish Beer Association’s member magazine.

I friend of mine in Sweden often asks me “How are things over där” (“där” is Swedish for there). “Over there” is an expression for America. Thus the name of the blog.

I try to be as correct as I can with facts and figures. If you spot something that is wrong feel free to tell me about it.  And please be patient if I make any mistakes in my English spelling or grammar – it’s my 2nd language – and my lovely American wife isn’t always available to edit before I want to post my blog!

All opinions expressed on this blog are my own and do not reflect those of my employer.