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In my 2012 blog post about the first Firestone Stone Walker Invitational Beer Festival

Photo courtesy of LA Beer Blog

Photo courtesy of LA Beer Blog

is said that it was the best festival ever. Now, year two it seems like I’m not alone (which I wasn’t year one).

Here are some re-caps.

LA Weekly

Firestone Walker Invitational: Beer Fest Goes Global to Emphasize Local


“Take a play from the Firestone Walker book and create an event like the Invitational, which at its core is about the beer and the brewers with an emphasis on quality, locality, and long lasting memories.”

Food GPS

“There are festivals where you leave and feel like you missed out on special tappings or super-secret pours and then there is the Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest where you could miss more than ¾ of the beers (like I did) and still feel like you tasted some of the best and rarest beers in the world.”

LA Beer Blog


“You wouldn’t think just a year or two ago, Firestone Walker wasn’t even in my beer vocabulary. I had seen it around, but didn’t really give it a second thought for the longest time. I thought it was just another one of those shelf fillers that you don’t really see at the beer bars.”

Beer in Paradise

“Firestone Walker. I mean it is their festival after all. Outposts of Firestone 805, DBA and all varieties of Jack be it Union, Wookie or Double were pouring, but the introduction to the fine art of Buellton’s Barrelworks certainly outshone their standards. Wild Ales abound and that is oh so wonderful. Especially Lil Opal. Plan a day trip to the Tasting Room / Restaurant / Cellar.”