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It seems like there are many “wars” going on in the beer business right now. Craft vs. Crafty, Big vs.Small, Distributes vs. Breweries. A Tweet that @toddalström posted the other day and an article in All About Beer Magazine made me realize that this is a generational war. Todd had a link to a news article about efforts to change franchising laws for distributors in Massachusetts. In the video you see a young brewer and an old distributor. All About Beer Magazine have in it’s latest issue an article about 30 brewers under 30 years old. Brewers Association’s Craft vs. Crafty is about young brewers protecting their territory from being hi-jacked by the old and big corporations. This is of course nothing new. Every generation and every field at some point have young rebels challenging the older generation. The older generation represented by distributors and corporations with interest in brewing is seeing the Kingdom that they have built since the end of prohibition being challenged. They have spent billions of dollars to get alcohol laws to benefit their purpose, which doesn’t fit the younger generations purpose at all. CRASH!

The Craft Beer Revolution is steaming on pretty good. Maybe it’s time for a Craft Beer Distributor revolution.