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This weekend I volunteered at the first annual Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Festival. I pick a few beer festivals each year to volunteer for. I tend to pick the festivals that are about the local community and that is about beer. Those festivals are always my favorite. There are plenty of festivals out there that are more about the amount of beer consumed than what is consumed. A also choose a festival that supports a local charity event. 100% of the proceeds at the Firestone Walker Invitational goes to Paso Robles Pioneer Day. A great organization preserving part of the American history.

Preparing for a blog post I research the topic I have decided to write about and of course run across other bloggers that have posts about the topic. Seeing Jay Brooks at the festival I looked at Brookston Beer Bulletin and what he wrote about it. And I couldn’t agree more.

“The festival was simply one of the best organized, best run, most enjoyable beer festivals I’ve been to in a long time, which was especially impressive given that it was a first time event”

“When the gate opened promptly at one, everybody could just walk in and begin sampling their first beer. It was the first of many well-executed and well-planned aspects of the festival. Others included water stations throughout the festival grounds, ample ice, plenty of shade, abundant nibbles, and more substantial food available for purchase.”

So I’m not going to pollute the web with something that someone already put so very nicely.