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New Belgian Brewing Company have a series called Lips of Faith. Under this name they brew beer that are ground and boundary breaking which means that there are plenty of booms and also some busts. But that is the way it is when you are brewing on the edge. This week I had the Biere De Mars and Cocoa Mole. Both of them are greats beers but I have to say that Cocoa Mole have the most interesting flavors. Complex, spicy and malty sweet body with a robust cocoa background and a long finish with a balanced and not overwhelming bite to it. I wouldn’t drink this beer with a Mole Poblano. I wouldn’t recommend this beer with any Mole at all. It’s just to much. But I would recommend this with a light meat dish or roasted veggies and rice to ad some kick to it. I’ve red that this is also a good beer for cooking oyster in. But I actually think that it’s a waist of a good beer to use for cooking. The beer stands pretty good by it self.

Keep em’ coming New Belgian. So fare more booms than busts.