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I’m reading Garrett Oliver’s Brewmaster’s Tabel. If you want to learn more about pairing beer and food, this book has to be on your reading list. The other day I was reading the section about Lambic and German Wheat beer and what food to pair with it. According to Oliver, Mole pairs great with fruit Lambics or German Weisse Bier. Being a Scandinavian I didn’t know anything about Mole. I guessed that it is some Mexican. For me Mexican food is a gooey mixture of beans, ground beef or chicken and cheese put in a burrito or a taco. Not really that exiting with few exceptions. According a Wikipedia Mole is most common in central and south Mexico with influences both from Spain and native Indians. It’s a sauce that can be made in many different ways, many very dissimilar.The sauce can include 30-40 ingredients such as ancho, pasilla, mulato, chipotle, black pepper, achiote, guaje, cumin, cloves, anise, tomatoes, tomatillos, garlic, sesame seeds, dried fruit, hoja santa and chocolate. The many varieties of Mole makes the sauce go great with almost any dish, at least Mexican dishs.

This weekend, thanks to a friend me and my wife I had the opportunity to visit the newly opened Mole restaurant Rocio’s Mole de los Dioses in Sun Valley, CA. This place is Mole heaven. What they don’t know about Mole at this restaurant is not worth knowing. The chef has won awards for her Moles. She also have another restaurant in Bell, CA. The sauce is the main element of the dish. You build your dish around the sauce. They offer samples of selected Moles which makes it easier for you can find your perfect food experience. I went hard and heavy with a Mole with a lot of hot spices and dark chocolate. The waiter suggested something heavy like Filet Minion with the sauce. Many might choose a heavy beer like a brown ale or a porter to match all the rich and spicy flavors but Oliver is right (no surprise there). A heavy beer like a porter or brown ale would have been way to much. A German Weisse bier would be a great match for this specific Mole. Rocio’s have over 30 different Moles with a wide range of flavors. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was one Mole that pairs with every beers style in the BJCP style guide.

Piloncillo braised tejocote fruits and pumpkin for dessert

Rocio’s is not a beer place and it don’t have the ambition to be one. And that is fine. The delicious food and the friendly staff make a visit well worth the time. Even for beer lovers.