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Lists are always controversial as long as they are not based on scientific evidence. Most lists aren’t. Lists are most often very subjective leading to a group of people being upset. Draft Magazine recently came out with America’s 100 best beer bars list. I have only had the opportunity to visit a fragment of the bars on the list. But from what I see I have to join the upset group in this case. I’m familiar with a few of the places in The South mostly around Raleigh and Durham, NC. Busy Bee and Raleigh Time Bar are two great beer places. Tyler Tap Room as a leading beer bar chain and should differently be on the list and it is. I miss one or two places in Durham but other than that it looks OK. I’m a little surprised that there is only one bar in Asheville, NC that made the list, Thirsty Monk. That town, on the other hand is completely covered with great brew pubs and brewery tap rooms so I guess that there are not much room for a beer bars.

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What upsets me is the list of bars in the Los Angeles area and specifically Santa Monica. I mean Fathers Office and The Daily Pint and NOT Library Ale House! Don’t get me wrong, Fathers Office and Daily Pint are good. Fathers Office is a small place with good beer selection but often full during weekends and a little pricey. A famous beer blogger and Twitter guru described Daily Pint as a “dive-bar” but with a good beer selection. I go there off and on. But totally missing Library Ale House?  I don’t know how draft Magazine comes up with this list. If it’s a reader generated list I have to question Draft readers ability to find good beer bars. Or maybe it’s a list that you have to pay to get on. No matter what. I wouldn’t use this list as my only source to find a great beer bar. I would defensively add some other sources before making my great bar hopping list when out traveling.

This is my Great Beer Bar list and why I think they are great beer bars. Not 100 but the bars on the list haven’t paid a penny to get on it and I have visited all of them my self so “I approve this message”.

So there! This was my time to get upset about a list, which doesn’t happen that often.