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There are many Christmas Beers to go through if you want to taste them all. I only had the opportunity to sample a few and I tried to stay as local as possible.  I didn’t miss the opportunity to sample some out of state when they crossed my way. The two most interesting Christmas Beers was Bootlegger’s Mint Chocolate Porter and Stone’s Vertical Epic (I know Vertical Epic it’s not a Christmas Beer but I threw it in there anyway). Both of them experimenting with some very interesting flavors. One of my favorite Christmas Beers I sampled this year was the Powder Hound from Big Sky Brewery.

Out of all the Christmas Beers I sample a home brew reminded me the most of how I think a Christmas Beer should taste. The beer is a brown ale with a malty sweetness with light hoppyness. Maybe a little to low in alcohol but still a good beer that goes great with Christmas food. So you don’t have to be a big brewery with lots of money to brew good beer. There are many that do it in their own home as as well.