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Today November 11, 2011 is of course the day for one of Stone Breweries Vertical Epic Ales. This is the first beer in the series I have ever had. Stone started in 2002 with brewing a Vertical Epic Ale for February 2. They have released a Epic one year and one day after the previous ever since. So 111111 is the second to last time we can ejoy a new beer in this series.

When I saw that this years beer was brewed with Anaheim Chilies and cinnamon I got a little skeptic. I don’t mind cinnamon in may roles but not in my beer. And chilies belong in tacos and chili of course. But I have to say that Stone once again surprised me. The aroma have a little a slight cinnamon tone. The balance between the chillies and the cinnamon in the body is perfect. I have had chili beer before and they have just been to much. The body also have a slight sweetens and the finish is dry and lasting. Despite the rich flavors and the 9.4% ABV this beer has a medium moth feel and not at all overwhelming.

I read that the Vertical Epic beers are made to be aged beyond 2012-12-12. The 111111 have some edges and if aged they might be smoothed out. But this is not my kind of flavors. Chili and cinnamon don’t belong together and not in my beer. Aging it won’t make it better for me. But this is a great beer for those that like these kind of flavors and it will be a good choice for your Christmas beer. But if you can keep your self it’s worth the time and the effort to keep it in the cellar for a few years and have it as coming years Christmas beer.