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Library Ale House in Santa Monica had a Bison Brewing night for the LA Beer Week. Library was the first pub in the world to have Bison’s Baltic Porter. When I heard about this I of course had to head down there and be a part of this extraordinary event. Bison had some brewery representatives there which one of them was the famous Twitter profile and beer blogger The Beer Wench (@TheBeerWench).

Bison is an organic brewery. I have had many skeptical remarked about organic beer and the flavor of it. My experience is that organic beer doesn’t taste much different from other beer. What might happen with organic beer is that conventional ingredients contain flavors that can be related to conventional mass production. An organic beer might be a little fresher and more natural and true to the ingredients original flavors.

There are not that many breweries that brew Baltic Porters. This beer style has a lot a roasted flavors and a high in alcohol without tasting strong. Bison’s Baltic Porter is an 8.5% ABV beer rich in flavors with a lot of roasted malt, a hint of hops in the finish. The beer taste more like a 4 % ABV beer than an 8.5%. This is a perfect dessert beer with some vanilla ice cream or maybe a replacement for a cup of coffee. According the the brewery staff the beer will come out in bottle this winter.