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I’m fortunate to have two LA Beer Week participants on biking distance from my house, Library Ale House and The Daily Pint in Santa Monica. Library Ale House kicked off their LA Beer Week with the 12% Import Extravaganza featuring beers from 12% Import. The import company has some really interesting breweries in their portfolio, Stillwater Artisanal Ales from Baltimore, Midnight Sun Brewing from Anchorage, Gueuzerie Tilquin from Belgium and Emelisse Brouwerij Grand Café from Holland and many others. What I like about Library Ale House is that they offer your choice of a beer flight, five 5 ounce pours for $10-12. This is a great service for people like me who want to try many different flavors. I found out about the Library’s extravagance on their Facebook page and what caught my eye was the Gueuzerie Tilquin Gueuze. Lambic and Gueuze are some of my favorite beer styles so I can’t resist the temptation when I see something I haven’t tried before. The Tilquin Gueuze is collaboration between Bouwerij Boon, Lindemans, Brouwerij Giradin and  Brasserie Cantillon. This gueuze is a little on the light side compared to Girardin and Cantillon. What I mean by light is the sourness. I’m a hard-core sour gueuze guy, the more the better. This is still an excellent beer. It has the tart medium body with a slightly bitter finish. The saddle and barn flavors are clearly detectable. The 4.8% ABV can be considered normal for this kind of beer.

Stillwater Brewery had two very interesting beers; Debutant a 6.4 % Farmhouse style ale and the 6.8 % Stateside Siasion. Debutant is brewed with hyssop and heather flowers that make the body flowery with some citrus and a hint of burnt dryness in the finish.  The Stateside have a hint of orange in the body, some coriander and a herbal finish. Both of the beers from Stillwater are very drinkable and perfect sipping beers.

The Panty Peeler from Midnight Sun Brewing Company is brewed with curacao and whole coriander. This Triple is full of citrus and spices in the body with light hoppyness. The sweetness is clearly present in both the body and the finish. The finish also has some herb flavors. The of the track beer in my penta flight was Sudwerk Märzen which was a huge break of from the others. This beers has some great rich malty sweetness just like you can expect a German märtzen to taste. Sudwerk follows the old German purity law from the 14th century.

On my way home I stopped at The Daily Pint for their Sierra Nevada night. I have been looking at Tumbler Brown for a long time and took the opportunity to sample it. The Tumbler doesn’t have malty sweetness that I associate with brown ale. It taste more like a pale ale with a light touch of burnt malt in the back ground.

Library Ale House have once again gone their own way and presented some really good and interesting beers. The seem to be one step ahead of many other pubs in the LA area and keep education their customers in the wide world of beer that is not just over hopped IPAs.