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A friend of mine in North Carolina asked on Twitter (@patrickm07) the past weekend what hurricane Irene beers he should have. Many with me suggested beer with hurricane, storm or high seas in the name. Thinking more about it I don’t think that it will help you a lot through a hurricane. You probably need something sturdy and something you can hold on to. Lieutenant Dan  probably had something more robust when he made peace with God and challenged the hurricane. In his case it was probably JD or JB. I have never been in a hurricane and I hope I never will. My thoughts are with those who have gone thought hard times when Irene past. If there ever a risk that I would be in a hurricane I would make sure to have a few bottles (or cans) of Port Brewing Old Viscosity, Deschutes The Abyss or  Oscar Blues Ten Fidy. That would give me something robust to hold on to.