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I saw it for the first time on All About Beer Magazine’s websites, “the craft can revolution”. If there actually is a craft can revolution the negative attitude towards cans have been broken. Attitudes are the hardest to changes so congratulations to all you brewers that helped breaking it. I was skeptic like many others the first time I saw craft beer in cans. “The beer taste aluminum’ I said. And of course there is the image. In the old days before craft beer in cans I wouldn’t want to be seen with beer in a can. But I was also eventually convinced. Beer in a can is good. The “tasting aluminum thing” is wrong. In the early cans the beverage actually had contact with the aluminum. In the All About Beer Magazine post Abita Brewing Company President David Blossman says that their cans have a “water-based lining to protect and preserve the beer”. This is the way it has been for many years now. Rick Tufts head brewer at Triangle Brewing Company in Durham, NC explains why they choose cans before glass bottles and the video below.

Maybe it is the airline industry that has broken the negative barrier with craft beer in cans. When beverages were free on airlines they didn’t have to pay much attention to what the consumers wanted. They just needed to have the cheapest beer available without any flavor requirement. Travelers probably didn’t choose airline after what beer was served. But now when everything costs money the demand for better beer has increased. This is a new market for craft breweries and to have a chance there they need to have their beer in a can.

I don’t have any problems with drinking canned beer. I will still drink the beer out of a glass. The flavors are so much different when you pour the beer in a glass.