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Today is IPA day. I don’t know who came up with it but it’s here. Many are acknowledging this day but most aren’t. I have been out this afternoon checking out their IPA day beers and many haven’t even heard of the day. I have to admit that I live in Santa Monica, CA where the craft beer movement is just starting so many don’t even know what an IPA is. On the beer related social media IPA day for sure is the talk of the day. Greg Koch at Stone Brewery said on Twitter (@StoneGreg) that everyday is an IPA day at Stone. I’m sure it is. I have to say that Jonathan Surratt (@beerinator) had the best Twitter post of the day not directly connected to IPA day but still; “Beer is kinda like underwear. You gotta have it.”

My intention for celebrating IPA day was to go stylistically. My thought was to celebrate this day by drink a beer like they actually tasted once. A Burton-up-on-Trent style IPA  or at least something close to it. But I couldn’t find any. So I had to settle for Deschutes Inversion IPA and a New Belgium Ranger and that ain’t to bad. It’s actually pretty good!