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I have been looking forward to the release of Jason Fields & Kevin Sheppard/Stone/Tröegs Cherry Chocolate Stout. I was fortunate to come across it at Whole Foods Market in Huntington Beach. The name indicates that this is collaboration between home brewers and professional breweries. A chocolate cherry stout sound like a great mix for a beer. And I think it will be but not right now. This 7.3% beer is a little young and edgy. The sweetness of the cherries, the smooth chocolate and the roasted flavors from the stout are all there but not in balance. Yet. Buy a few bottles and put it in cool, dry and dark place and wait. Open a bottle in one or two years. The edgy and sharp flavors have by then started to mix and it will be rich, smooth, balanced and more complex. I think this beer can age for at least five years and it will only get better.