I came across an article about beer in Huffington Post the other day. It was actually first published on Sherman Travel website. The article is about the top 10 beer cities for beer lovers to travel to. I have not been in all of the cities but from reading the article I can say that they don’t know much about beer. Some of the ten cities are not bad, some are even really good. Prague for example. A must for a beer lover. I’m not sure about Amsterdam. They mention the three largest breweries in Holland but not a word about the local Amsterdam breweries like Brouwerij ‘t Ij. I don’t think a beer lover should wast their time going to Amsterdam for beer. There are plenty of other interesting cities around the world. I have never been to Mexico City but from reading the article it doesn’t sound like an exiting beer town. I don’t doubt that Sherman Travel is a good travel website. But stick to that. Let the professionals at All About Beer Magazine write about beer. They just had an issue about beer and traveling that is way better to for your travel preparations.