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Just up the hill from Akkurat in Stockholm, only a few hundred meters on convenient walking distance is another great beer bar call Oliver Twist or just OT. Akkurat and OT had the same owners a few years ago but the previous owner sold the two pubs to the staff and the pubs are now run separately. I have in previous posts called OT Akkurat’s sister pub, which is in a way is correct. From what I understand are they still collaborating and they are not competing with each other as I imply in the headline. They are supporting each other in educating the public about beer and build a thriving beer community, just like All About Beer Magazine has done for 30 years. Both the two pubs are equally good. They have an excellent beer selection and they know how to handle beer. OT is a little smaller and doesn’t have as many beers as Akkurat but the beers they have are of the highest class. If I had a scoring system on my Great Beer Bars I would give them the same score. The reason I consider Akkurat my home pub is that I started my interest for beer there.

OT have a great selection of American beers. One of the owners, Jörgen Hasselquist also owns an import firm that imports beers from North America. When I was there they had Brew Works Hop Explosion on tap and on bottle Stone IPA, multiple beers from Oscar Blues, my favorite from North Coast Read Seal, Left Hand beers, Dog Fish Head and more. Jörgen and OT  have done more for spreading the great American beer culture than any beer bar in Europe. They of course also have three pumps with Real Ale (cask ale). I had Harviestoun‘s Schiehallion and Bitter and Twisted. The Schiehallion is a lager and one of my favorite Real Ales. It’s round and soft with a balanced and a fresh finish.

OT’s interior ads to the great atmosphere. It’s dark panel wood but not gloomy and depressingly dark. There are soccer flags, brewery flags and pump clips on the walls and in the ceiling. There are of course a lot of regulars that add to the great atmosphere and they are more than willing to tell you what beers are good. If you live in North America I wouldn’t go there for the American beers. You can drink that at home. Shipping the beers ads to the cost. All prices in Sweden and Scandinavia includes tax and you don’t have to tip. I say don’t tip if your experience at the pub or restaurant is not above your expectation.

Going to Stockholm might not be on your itinerary when making your European trip. Stockholm is a little out-of-the-way, way up north. It is well worth the trip. It’s a beautiful city and the beer experience will be memorable.