Telegraph Brewing Company is located in Santa Barbara, one of the many agriculture areas in California. Across the hills of Santa Ynes is a rich, luscious valley full of small farms growing everything from potatoes to grapes. Telegraph Brewing is a local brewery that only brew their beer in small batches. As a result of that their beers is only available locally. They use as much of the ingredients as possible from local farmers around Santa Barbara. Just like in North Carolina, the California law allow  breweries to have taprooms where customers can enjoy their beer, both at the brewery and to buy and bring home in growlers or kegs. Telegraph Brewing have a taproom making it possible for them to reach their fans directly. Their flagship beer is the California Ale. This is a 6.2% unfiltered and bottled condition beer. It’s a fruity slightly hoppy beer with a earthy and spicy aroma. This beer is specially brewed to go well with food like fresh seafood, grilled meats and strongly flavored cheeses.