I always thought that Hawaii was the closest to anything resembling islands along the pacific west coast except maybe for Alcatraz in San Fransisco Bay. Moving here is soon found out that I was wrong. There are some small islands along to coast between Santa Barbara and San Diego. That is way there is a brewery called Island Brewing Company in Carpinteria just south of Santa Barbara. We drov through the town on our way back from Santa Ynes Valley and it seemed like a nice, slow town. Just enough excitement to not be boring and to to much excitement to make it overwhelming.

The first beer I sampled from Island Brewing Company was the Island Blonde Kölsch Style Ale. This is a 4.8% beer with pilsner malt and an additional three different kind of malts. They use German-style hops. Kölsch is a beer style I really like. I like the crisp flavor with a hopiness that is not extreme. This Blond Kölsch Style Ale is a little to malty for my flavor. The malty sweetness takes over so the hoppy flavor is hard to taste.