Me and my wife was on an adventurous trip last week. We are moving from Durham, NC to Santa Monica, CA. We loaded up our house and car on a truck with trailer and drove 2,500 miles (4000+ Km) in 4.5 days. My plan was to have a few road trip beers at the end of each day, preferably local beer if possible. We ran in to some problems in the morning of day 2. An oil line burst and oil came gushing out of the engine. It took almost a day to fix it. Our time schedule was tight to start with and a day set-back didn’t give any room for beers. Start driving 7 AM and done by 10 PM at night. Only a few necessary gas stops an that was it. I was to tired at night for beer. So my beer on the road series had to be put on hold to some other road trip.