So what beer are good after 415 miles and 8 hours on the road? That is what I will try to find out on my way to Santa Monica, CA with my wife, the car and everything but the house it self on the truck.

Earlier today we passed Winston-Salem, home of the best brewery in North Carolina (NC), Foothills Brewing Company. The sad thing is that they don’t

The truck with everything we own

bottle so I had to be without my favorite beer from them, Foothills People Porter. Later we passed Asheville, the beer Mecka of NC. There are more breweries in Asheville in referenced to the population than in any other town in NC or USA for that matters (almost). My favorite breweries in Asheville is Highland Brewery and Pisgah Brewery. Pisgah don’t bottle and I didn’t get around to buy a Highland. I have a beer with me that I bought at Bruisin Ales in Asheville. My plan was to have that beer at our first stop. To my surprise I found that a friend of mine had put a beer in our cooler. So my reward after a long day was a Fat Tire from New Belgium.

Thank you Andy!