I’m going through my beer fridge to clean out some beers. Cleaning out in this case is drinking them. I moral dilemma struck me as I opened the first beer. Should I wait and share with others or should I be selfish and keep the beers to my self? The beer revolution in US wouldn’t be a revolution without the beer community, people enjoying beer together. That is how beer should be enjoyed, together. But what if I have a few bottles of beer that are my very favorite beers. The beer that would end up on a top 10 list of the best beers. In this case they might even end up on a top 5 list. I have for many years been trying to put together a top 10 list of my favorite beers. I seem to never get closer than a top 30 list. There are so many good beers that I can’t leave them out. Another problem is what time of the year I’m working on the list. A summer top ten is not the same as a winter top 10, or top 30. I never get closer than that. I tried to make the list not related to the time of year. I never got closer than a top 40 doing it that way. So back to my dilemma, to share or not to share? Can I share a Cantillon Classic Gueuze, Hanson Oud Gueuze or a Oud Beersel Gueuze? The bottle is 9.7 OZ (75 cl). There would be plenty for a few of my beer friends. While I’m sitting here writing this blog post the problem kind of took care of it self. I drank them my self so I guess it’s to not share.