For any business in America it’s important to support the local community. You can do that by donating money to charities, make it mandatory for employees to volunteer with a none profit organization or using other company resources to support a none profit. In fact, to volunteer and support the local community is not just limited to businesses. Many individuals are putting in many hours and many dollars to support their community. Last week I worked with a police officer in Raleigh. He worked a lot as off duty police officer at different events and the extra money he made went to a trouble youth soccer team that he manages. This of course also apply to breweries. Terrapin Beer Company is raising money for historic Georgia Theater in Athens, GA that was destroyed by fire this year. They will brew a series of beers this year reflecting highlights in the history of the theater. The first beer in the series is The Iron Tankard Old Stock Ale. This 8.3% ale is initially slightly sweet with a bitterness in the body and some raisins in the finish. It’s a pleasant that makes me look forward to what is coming next.  I can imagine that the complexity of the Old Stock Ale reflects the rich history and the unknown future of the theater.