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The rare beer trend has become really popular. Every brewery just has to have a beer brewed from spring water and hand crafted hopes from southern Bavaria. Or a beer brewed on a mountain top above the clouds, aged in the finest Scottish Whiskey barrels from the deepest wallies of Scotland, carried down on mules to a small village where seven virgins carefully bottles the beer in bottles made in Italy. And then you have the rare beers that are just a bunch of brewers getting together to brew a good beer. And that is what the three North Carolina brewers from Old Hickory Brewery, Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery and  Foothills Brewing have done. They have made a Old Rabbit’s Foot (clever name) Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. I had the rare opportunity to taste the beer a few days ago. Often with these rare specially beer I seem to detect and flavor that dominates  the others. In this case that have been able to produced a balanced beer made with coco nibs and honey. I hope they will keep this up and make more rare beers from Old Rabbit’s Foot.