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The past few years beers brewed in collaboration between two or more breweries have become really popular. Last week I ran in to two good example of how two breweries can make great beers together. Basha brewed by Brew Dog in collaboration with Stone Brewing is a Belgian Black Style Double IPA, what ever that is. I don’t think I have ever head of a Belgian Black Double IPA but there is always a first time for everything. Both these breweries are good example  progressive and innovative breweries that brew exiting new beers. The Basha is a port black beer that is initially sweet with a bitterness that comes right at you fast. The finish is even more bitter. The body is big and full of flavors under the bitterness.

In 1980 Sierra Nevada Brewing Company opened their doors in Chico California for the first time. Since that day they have been considers one of the pioneers of craft brewing movement in America. So it’s just natural that the Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Ale is brewed by guest brewer Fritz Maytag. Fritz Maytag and his Anchor Brewing is not only the pioneer of the American craft brewery movement, his is the father of the movement. The Anniversary beer has a hoppy nose with some grapefruit, dry bitter flavors and sweet toasted malt. The Anniversary Ale is a good start of the coming 30 years.