Brew Dog is the first American brewery in Europe. Many good beers come from Europe and Europe being the cradle of all beers, many European breweries are stuck in their national styles and reluctant to experiment outside of that. There are a few exceptions in the Scandinavian countries like Denmark. These countries doesn’t have a national style so they are more open to experimenting. I think that USA is today the leading country in brewing interesting beers and being the engine that drives the world beer community. I’m not saying that European beers are in any way bad or uninteresting. On the contrary. But it’s here in America where the innovation, the ideas (sometimes crazy), the enthusiasm for beer grows. There are a few exceptions and one of them is Brew Dog. from Scotland.  They have shown that they can brew new and innovative beer in Europe and still keep some of the national identity. The Dogma have some interesting ingredients. Kola nut, poppy seed and guarana. I have never tasted any of them but I found out that kola nut is related to maple and guarana to cocao.  Initially the beer has a strong honey and malt sweetness. There is a sudden bitterness in the body with some roasted flavors in the background. Be careful. The 7.8% ABV are hidden in all the flavors and won’t hit you until you have had one to many. This is a good beer that will keep me interested in tasting more from Brew Dog.