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I have a friend who says just that, “You learn something new every day”. “And if you don’t, you just haven’t been paying attention.” Just the other day I was paying attention and I learned something about mead (mjöd). I have always  had the  impression that mead is like beer but with angelica, bog myrtle, honey or juniper and with no hops. This is also what Sveriges Bryggerier (Swedish Breweries) say on their website. But when I start digging deeper it looks like both me and Sveriges Bryggerier are wrong and wright at the same time. According to a number of websites  mead is an alcoholic beverage made with water, yeast and honey. There are many different variations to mead. Some have fruited, berries or spices added. There is a variant called Braggot (also called bracket or brackett and in Swedish Mölska) which have 15-80% malted grain. This is probably the mead that me and Sveriges Bryggerier is referring to.

So, just the other day we had the brewer (or is he called meader?) from B. Nektar Meadery, Kerri Dahlhofer come in to the office with a few bottles of mead. B. Nektar make tradition mead but they also ad apples, cinnamon, ginger and other fruits that go well with mead. I had the oppertunity to sample 5 different kind of their mead, Wild Flower, Orange Blossom, Wildberry Pyment, Vanilla Cinnamon and Bourbon Barrel. The Orange Blossom is made with honey from orange and other citrus trees. It has a sweet body with a dry finish.  My two favorites are the Wildberry Pyment and Bourbon Barrel. The Wildberry Pyment is made with Shiraz grapes and wild berries. It’s almost like a sangria. The Bourbon Barrel has a big bourban flavor. I don’t like bourbon but the sweetness and with out the high alcohol makes this a good sipping beverage. This mead ages well according to Kerri.