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The Asheville Winter Warmer uses a festival model that is used by many festivals in NC. You pay an admission fee, in this case $30, and you can sample as many beer you like during the 4 hour festival. In this case the $30 also includes food. Like many festivals here is live music from a local band. For the most part the Asheville beer community is knowledge about beer. They know the basic beers styles and they ask about the brewers about the beer they are drinking. For many of the local breweries that only distribute locally or if they are

Asheville Winter Warmer Beer Festival

a brew pub, don’t distribute at all, festivals is the only way to reach their customers. And this is truly a local beer festival. 50% of the beers at the festival you can’t get outside of the Asheville area. Here are many good beers so it’s hard to pick a favorite. Green Man have a great IPA on cask. Pisgah’s IPA is worth mentioning just like just like Catawba Valley Brewing Company Brown Bear Ale. My favorite is Wedge community Porter. Is a well balanced porter that just makes me feel happy.