My first stop in Asheville is at Pisgah Brewing Company. Well, it’s actually not in Asheville. Pisgah Brewing Company is located east of Asheville between the to small towns of Swannanoa and Blackmountain. The biggest challenge with this brewery is to find it. It’s located in a warehouse district with now signs or anything indicating that there is a brewery there. Pisgah also has a taproom where they serve their own beer and other domestic and international beers. A taproom can have many different shapes and forms. The most common is that it is just like a beer bar with food and many different beers on tap. Then you have the other end like Pisgah Taproom. Pisgah is more a brewpub that doesn’t serve food and that serve other beer than their own. But it’s not a brewpub. It doesn’t have any fancy decoration, no fancy furniture or bar.  It’s just a warehouse with a bar, a stage and some bar stools. The outdoor patio-like area is in between some warehouse buildings with not much of a view. It’s more like a country side speakeasy (lönnkrog). It’s like those places you see in a movie where you come up to a dark warehouse, knock on a door and a big guy opens and ask for the password. But it’s not really like that either. This is your local community go-to place where you can meet your neighbor or a beer geek from out of town. You can bring your kids and your dog if you choose to. And they do. This is just a really interesting place where the character is in the people that go there, the live music, the local artist that display their art and the beer. And the beer is good. I just finished their Schwarzbier and the Solstice which is a fruity Belgian Tripel and they were both really good. And I bought some to have when I come home. The good think here and NC (and many other states to) is that you can buy beers at the brewery.

I ran in to two beer guys from Charlotte, NC. They were in town for the Highland Brewery 15th Anniversary Celebration. So that’s where I’m of to next.