Highland Brewing Company is Ashevilles first brewery. Highland was not just a pioneer in Asheville. They were one of the few craft breweries in North Carolina and have been a leader in the craft brewery revolution here. Together with Foothills brewing Highland is North Carolina’s best brewery. The 15 year anniversary party is at their brewery. The place is packed! Here is a least 500 people. The admission is free and a beer is $3-4 including the glass. They are serving the Highland’s 15th Anniversery Auld Asheville Vintage Ale on cask. How does it taste? I don’t know. It’s 8 pm and this party started 4 pm so it ran our hours ago. To bad. I have had it from a bottle and it’s a really good beer. I’ll have the Cask Stout instead.

It’s getting a little to crowded so I’m heading out.