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A few weeks ago  I was at the Scandinavian Christmas Fair in Raleigh, NC. It’s an annual fair organized by SVEA, VASA and SACC.  There is a good amount of Swedes and other Scandinavians in the Triangle area. Many international corporations have offices in Research Triangle Park and that brings people from all over the world here. The Scandinavian Christmas Fair is an orgy in Scadinavianism. You can buy trätoffler (clogs), kexchocklad (chocolate wafers), Ahlgrens Bilar (candy cars), sill (pickled herring), damast dukar (table runners), halmbockar (rams out of straw), knäckebröd (crisp bread), Pippilångstrump dockor (Pipi Longstocking dolls) and a bunch of other Scandinavian things.  There were of course a Luciatåg (try to explain that!), folkdanslag (traditional dancing), folkdräkt (traditional dresses) parade. You could of course eat Scandinavian foods like köttbullar (meat balls) and lingon sylt (beery jam), gravlaxmacka (Swedish sushi), sill macka, lussebullar, pepperakakor and much more. A few hours of this and your just exhausted with Scandinavia, enough for it to last to the next years fair. But it’s great! It’s great to meet other Swedes and eat great food. You can get everything that is Scandinavian but beer, and it’s not because of any laws that prohibit that. There just isn’t that many Scandinavian beers being distributed in my state. On my way home I stopped by my local beer store Sam’s Quick Stop, the best beer retailer in town. Sam’s have almost every beer distributed in North Carolina. When I first moved to Durham Sam’s had Carnegie Porter. I haven’t seen it for a while an no other Swedish beer for that matters. The other Scandinavian countries have been more successful in getting craft beer in the the US market.

Mikkeller is a popular brewery and Sam’s had Black Hole, Stateside IPA, All Other Pale, Draft Bear, It’s Alive, Warrier Singleed Hope IPA, Beer Geek Breakfast and Barley Wine. Mikkeller have really succeeded in making a name for them selves in US. Sam’s also had:

Winter Coat Beer Double Hop, Yule øl $16.99 (75cl).

Haand Bryggeriet Double Extra Imperial Wheat Stout, Norwegian Wood

Nøgne Ø Wintert Ale $8.59 (0.5 Litre), Brown Ale, Porter

Brøckhouse Bryggeri Draupnir, Esrum Kloster