St. Louis, Missouri, is the home of American beer! At least until last year when Anhauser & Bush was bought by InBev. St. Louis isn’t only A&B. There are many small breweries and brew pubs that are brewing great beers. As my number 2 beer in my Christmas Beer Count Down I went to a regular grocery store to see if I could pick up a beer from one of the local breweries. I found a beer from St. Louis Brewery that they sell under the name of Schlafly. Schlafly’s started in 1991 and they claim that it’s the first brew pub in Missouri.There is no doubt that they have been a leader in the craft beer revolution in Missouri.

I was able to get hold of their Winter ESB Ale. It’s a malty, 6.2 % beer with rye flakes to give it some extra flavor. This is close to what I’m looking for! It has that maltyness that I remember from the Copenhagen beers and dark brown color with a higher alcohol content than a normal British ales but not too high. This is a good beer to have by the fire-place on a rainy day in St. Louis.