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Sometimes it snows here in North Carolina. The news started to send out weather warnings already yesterday about an ice and snow storm coming in from the south. And

it did, it came. Before I go in to any details about this so called snow storm I need to make a few things clear. I live in North Carolina. It maybe snows once or at the most twice a year, if it snows at all, and it’s gone 12 hours later. When it snows, it’s usually is not more than about as much as it takes to decorate a chocolate cake with powdered sugar. In central and eastern North Carolina the snow clearing resources are limited, people don’t have a set of winter tires, they don’t know how to drive in snow and when it snows, it often comes as a mixture of rain, ice and snow. Just like one of many normal winter day in Scandinavia. But to a Scandinavian it’s pathetic! Schools closed and started to send student home hours before it even started to snow. The neighboring office where I work bailed out at lunchtime when the first two snowflakes were visible. Later in the evening when it had snowed 2 centimeters my wife was sent home from work. They wanted to make sure that she came home and not stuck at work. We live 1600 meters from her work.

The cold and the snow today is a perfect day to find the Copenhagen Christmas feeling that I’m looking for. Well, Durham is a great city but it doesn’t have the Copenhagen atmosphere so if I could only find a good Christmas beer I would be close. Just like yesterday I tried a beer from Bells’ Brewery in Michigan. Their Christmas Ale is a 5.8% Scottish style ale with a clear malty and fruity flavor. A good and balanced beer but not the kind of beer that reminds me of a Danish Christmas beer in Copenhagen. As I rode my bicycle home in the snow I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find the beer I was looking for before Christmas.