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In Denmark, they have a great Christmas beer tradition. Every brewery just needs to brew a Christmas beer. To go to Copenhagen when it’s Christmas time and when they are having their Christmas beer release is just great. I really get that Christmas feeling there. I love to walk from pub to pub and try the great varieties of Christmas beers. To me they all have one thing in common, dark, more malt than hops and preferably some flavor of Christmas spices. Here in Durham and in US, Christmas beers  are not at all like in Denmark, or the rest of the Scandinavian countries. Here are a few winter warmers, pumpkin and Christmas ales but nothing I experience in Copenhagen.

My big quest these last few days counting down to Christmas is to find something that reminds me of  Copenhagen and Scandinavian Christmas beer.

So here is number ten.

Gritty’s Christmas Ale is a dark ESB with a roasted flavor. This beer was brought to me by a friend of mine who had it with him after a Thanksgiving weekend in Maine. I have tried a few beers from Gritty’s and they are often pretty good including the Christmas Ale. But the Christmas Ale is not the beer I’m looking for to get me that Copenhagen Christmas Feeling.