The great thing about the beer community is the people and  that they always take the opportunity to enjoy a good beer. Today a friend of mine brought some locally produced cheese, another had some good beers and a third had some mustard.

The beers:

Saranac Maple Porter

Saranac Belgian Ale

Saranac Winter lager

Midnight Sun Brewing Company Arctic Rhino Coffee Porter

Patrick brought the cheese

Gritty McDuff’s 21 IPA

The cheese:

Hillsborough Cheese Company in Hillsboroug, NC. Just 20 minuts from Durham.

We had two different kinds. The goat cheese and the chevre.

The mustard:

Mustard from Lusty Monk Mustards in Asheville, NC. We had the Original Sin, Alter Boy Honey Mustard and Born in Hell Chipotle Mustard.

So how did all this work together. When I comes to the mustard I don’t know. Mustard is not my favorite food item so I skipped that. Cheese is something I really enjoy. The only combination that I think was good was the Belgian Ale together with the cheeses. I prefer porters together with desserts and the IPA had to match flavor to mach the cheeses. My favorite beer was the Maple Porter. The strong maple taste matched the slightly burnt porter taste in a perfect way.

Right there in the afternoon, with good friends we had a great beer and food tasting. Just like that!