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My dog Sasha.

Saturdays I have pretty much to my self. Gumman* is working Saturdays so I do some work around the house, take our dog for a walk and have a fika** at Francesca’s or a beer at Dain’s Place. I bring my computer and do some work, watch football (the American kind) and write in my blog (just started that).

Today I had a few beers at Dain’s Place. Lagunitas is one of the most interesting breweries in America. Dain’s just had a new delivery form Lagunitas and for the first time I tried Brown Shugga’ Ale. A 9.8% brown ale that tasted more like Rochefort 8 than a brown ale. It’s a little to hoppy for a brown ale. A good beer but as with many beers here, not very stylistically correct, whatever that is. I also had the opportunity to taste a Terrapin Big Hoppy Monster Imperial Red Ale. Not one of Terrapin’s best beers but still good. Their beers are usually more balanced but this one has a bitterness that is not balanced with the sweetness.

I’m already looking forward to next Saturdays beer experiences.

*This is what I call my beautiful wife. In Swedish it could be several things. In this case it is an endearing expression that  can be translated to dear or love.
**Fika is a great Swedish word! It’s an expression for having a cup of coffee or taking a break. It’s also a definition of a fairly new culture adapted from southern Europe. Fikakultur, Fika culture, is going to a cafe and visit with your friends. Often for hours.